How are we different?

Core - Architecture

A blockchain capable of handling  710000 transactions per second.  Kademlia architecture with self communicating nodes which helps in fast and secure connections.  The instant routing mechanism makes the blockchain fast, reliable and scalable.


A self sustainable peer-to-peer DAO network is used to access the USN Blockchain. It will contain voting mechanism, proposal mechanism, distributed storage and protocols to allow  fair behavior. State of the art consensus mechanism to run the DAO. 

Identity and Confidentiality

Node connecting to node hub has a network proxy/anonymizer layer (USN Proxy) similar to the I2P (Invisible Internet Project), used to hide the identity and IP addresses. No data spillages/leaks and Identity verification by ZKP.

Speed and Security

Quantum proof architecture that uses 4x better encryption compared to industry standard. Kademlia architecture provides protections against Sybil attacks & brute force attacks. USN DHT provides scalability and interoperability. Our network is built for security.


A complete web 3.0 ecosystem of products with robust reward system and ease of access features.

Robust Rewards

Every interaction rewards you. From getting likes, comments, shares on your posts to selling NFTs.

Social Tokens

Creators can  deploy social tokens for their community. These can be used to raise money and can be traded though DEX.

Group DAO

Create groups, and they will act as independent DAOs. Create membership based groups to get passive income. 

Ads Revenue

The sponsorships or campaigns we receive from advertisers. You will receive the majority of funds from these campaigns.

Staking Mechanism

UpSocial token holders can stake their tokens and get high APY yield for just holding the token. 

Naming System

Freedom from lengthy 36 keyword names. Create your name on our blockchain to receive funds and NFTs.

Claim your 100 USN for free

Become a beta user, get paid for creating content, driving traffic & referring friends.

NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens are the future in crypto space.

They are unique digital representations of real-life assets, collectibles, data records or anything digital that cannot be exchanged one on one for anything else because only one copy of each NFT can exist.

UpSocial allows users to sell and lease their creations or files on the network, receiving payment in popular cryptocurrencies from buyers on the platform. This is a great monetization option for artists. New album creators and fundraisers.

Decentralized Exchange

UpSocial Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to take place online securely and without an intermediary. Creators can list the social tokens, and receive funds in exchange of them on DEX.

Token Use Cases

UpSocial’s  native token will be used in various ways on the platform.

Platform Fees

Every time users carry out micro and macro transactions on UpSocial Network, the platform will charge a small commission.

Social Tokens

Social tokens provide value to the creator’s content. They  can be used for crowdfunding via native UpSocial IDO Launchpad.


UpSocial Name Service. Just like ENS, users can book their name address with custom alpha-numeric words instead of using custom 36-word addresses.

Creator Payouts

Native USN token will be used for payouts. It can be exchanged on our DEX or investing in platform by staking mechanism.


UpSocial decentralized exchange will use USN tokens natively. To do swaps and locking, USN tokens will be required for DEX. 

Staking mechanism

Users can stake their tokens and obtain consistent APY yields in return. Staking will give guaranteed allocation in new IDO projects.

Smart Contracts

Creation of smart contracts and custom code implementation on blockchain. For utility and applications that exist outside the UpSocial ecosystem.


Minting Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) will use USN token for fees. Distribution of NFTs , taking part in auctions and contests will also involve use of USN tokens.

Decentralized Ads

The sponsored campaigns and decentralized advertisements will use native USN tokens. Advertisers need to provide USN tokens for campaigns.


At UpSocial, we are using 1024 bit encryption everywhere. With the architecture, that can be changed to 4096 bits dynamically when required. From a security perspective, a 256-bit secret key is industry standard. 97% of the internet runs on 256 bit & 128-bit encryption. Our core architecture is built for security. It is built to stand against brute force attacks and Sybil attack. The code is audited by renowned agency and our in house cybersecurity team will push security updates contantly.

Scalability & Interoperability

UpSocial Network will be created on a custom blockchain that’s scalable and reliable. It will have quantum proof security architecture and will have good interoperability. As our blockchain will be developed keeping in view the Dapps & DeFi features, the transactions are faster & the gas fee is lower, helping UpSocial scale user base & community members.
UpSocial users don’t have to worry about the network or transaction speed as UpSocial will be migrated to a personalized blockchain which is custom built for scalability. Our core architecture helps create a scalable ecosystem for millions of users.

Gas and transaction fees

This infrastructure will help to reduce the gas fee & transaction time furthermore. We will be using instant routing protocols to reduce the latency of network.


Custom blockchain will be built on ground zero network to provide interoperability and onboard  new users easily.

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