• Q3 July-September 2021

  • IPFS Integration

    • All the data stored in the system will be stored in the IPFS.
    • The integration will help our system to be completely decentralised.
  • Website Redevelopment

    • The scheduled redevelopment for the website to align with the branding.
  • Q4: September-December 2021

  • TestNet Live

    • MVP will be open for the beta users to test the initial product.
    • The initial testers will be awarded.
  • Token Live

    • The token will be deployed to the Matic chain & the code will be audited by a renowned authority.
  • Q1: January – March 2022

  • Our own Blockchain & Explorer

    USN blockchain will be a fork of Matic chain for speed and reliability.
    As the Matic was created as a scalable infrastructure to handle a large number of low-cost DeFi
    transactions without compromising speed.
    Our blockchain will help to deliver programmability and smart contracts to users who will launch
    their tokens on our blockchain.

  • Explorer

    • To verify the creation & related transactions, we will have our own explorer too.
    • In our next phase, we are coming with our blockchain!
  • Airdrop campaign

    • The referral campaign will be made live for the community to gather more and more tokens with a specific referral mechanism.
  • Q2: April – June 2022

  • Token listing

    • Token listing tier 3 exchanges
    • Development of DAO
  • The core system of DAO including

    • Connected DAO to run on decentralized storage
    • Rules/guidelines
    • Protection against Sybil and 51% attacks
    • Voting mechanism (To get the updates rolled)
    • Proposal mechanism (To get considerations for new updates.
  • Q3: July – September 2022

  • Kademlia architecture

    • Implementation of core Kademlia architecture
    • For speed and scalability enhancement
    • DHT Maps and self-communicating nodes
  • Q4: October – December 2022

  • Cybersecurity

    • Cybersecurity implementation to make it future proof.
    • Audit and system testing
    • Token Creation app
  • Q1: January – March 2023

  • Regulatory compliance

    • ZERO knowledge proof implementation
    • Implementation of regulatory compliance in case of illegal/illicit activity
  • Q2: April – June 2023

  • Reward mechanism deployment.

    • POW stake deployment
    • IDO Launch
  • Implementation of

    • KYC for IDO section
    • Whitelisting
    • Anti-money laundering guidelines

    Note: IDO projects will determine international regulations, KYC, and other
    sales requirements.

  • Q3: July – September 2023

  • Dex Launch

    • DEX Platform launch for users to sell swap exchange their tokens.
  • USN

    USN tokens will be the utility tokens fully integrated with the DEX platform. It
    will also benefit buy/burn fees.

  • Cross-Chain Swaps:

    It allows the exchange of assets between multiple chains trustlessly.

  • Multi-wallet support:

    Wallets other than metamask will be added to simplify the trading process.

  • BSC Integration through dot as ground zero:

    • It will make the DEX fast & efficient.
    • Users can find their Crypto trading experiences on USN DEX the same as
      on the CEX platform when it comes to user-interface. The platform offers the
      required information and tutorial to start trading. This is beneficial for the first
      time visiting users in the DEX.
  • Q4: October – December 2023

  • Web app, NFT marketplace

    • Complete deployment.
    • Including all features.
  • Q1: January – March 2024

  • Android Applications

    • Android APP deployment with complete features.
    • Start work on IOS simultaneously.
  • Q2: April – June 2024

  • IOS Applications

    • IOS app deployment.
    • Creating fully functional rewarding based social media on all platforms.
  • Q3: July – September 2024

  • DOA

    • Self-sufficient DAO created by including all feedback.
    • Security and legal update and a platform that runs on its own.