UpSocial Network

Your audience by using Blockchain

What is UpSocial Network?

Upsocial network is a social platform for creators and their communities to build their own independent digital economies by monetizing their audience after unification.

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Why Choose Us

10X Your monetization  Capabilities With Our unique blockchain Model

Use our blockchain model to bring your audience from youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. 

Unify them using our platform. 

Earn a passive income that grows consistently. 

Our Services

NFT Creation

We will consult with you to provide you with ideas regarding your long-term monetization strategy. Including doing NFT creation for you.

IDO Platform

Create Social tokens and use your audience to provide passive income.

DEX Launch

We help you in listing your coins on DEX using our platform.

Perks Optimization

After unifying the audience and monetizing. We will help you with the delivery of perks and project management.

Engage your audience in unique ways

A complete strategy to bring your audience to one place and monetize them.

How to start?

1. Create your own coins

Apply for your own social tokens on the blockchain. No prior technical knowledge needed.

2. Drive Engagement

Encourage fans to become part of your social tokens. Reward them in exchange of assets.

3. Perks and benefits

Provide rewards to your audience to increase the value of your tokens. You can provide your audience exclusive content and NFTs.

Social Tokens are catalysts that will bring mass adoption.

Social Tokens are catalysts that will bring mass adoption.

Hanif Shaikh

CEO – UpSocial Network

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