November 2021 was one of the busiest and fastest-growing months for UpSocial Network.

Several media coverages, Dubai tour of founders, and much more!

Monthly Update from UpSocial Network

We are happy to pass another month and enter December! We prepared our monthly round-up with great news so that you remain updated with the team as well as UpSocial Network updates.

Founder Hanif Shaikh Got Featured on NDTV News

The first week of November started with a big note for us.

On 5th November, NDTV News featured Hanif Shaikh as an expert in the crypto industry.

Crypto Charcha is a Hindi show on NDTV News where journalists discuss various aspects of crypto with industry experts. Millions of Indian houses follow NDTV on television.

You can watch Hanif Shaikh talking about cryptocurrencies and meme coins here:

TestNet Went Live

It’s magical when ideas turn into reality.

While there is a lot in the roadmap, we climbed one step forward.

On 16th November 2021, we made our TestNet live for beta users. Now users can test the platform and earn tokens for testing the platform.

If you are interested in joining our beta program, you can join here.

Founder Hanif Shaikh Got Featured on Sputnik International News

Sputnik International is a global news website with 42 million monthly visitors.

Hanif Shaikh, founder and CEO of UpSocial Network, discussed the upcoming scenario of crypto in India with the panel of Sputnik news on 18th November 2021.

If you missed it, read the Sputnik article.

Website Maintenance and Redesign

It is said that a website is never completed. It’s a never-ending process to make it better every day.
The same is applied to UpSocial Network as well.

UpSocial Network’s official website got some new sections like timeline, team, and much more. The design and structure have improved as well.

Check out the website.

CEO & CTO in Dubai

Meeting new people and finding new opportunities to run a healthy business are crucial parts of entrepreneurship.

For the same spark of making UpSocial a better foundation, CEO Hanif Shaikh and CTO Ashish Verma flew to Dubai for business tasks and crypto conferences.

As expected, it turned out to be a highly productive business tour.

UpSocial founders met the founders of BitPlay, Victor Biola Ogunshina and Charles Adenuoye, during the Cryptogon event. They even met Franco Fiore, co-founder of Ecox Dubai! Ayesha Sodha was a great personality to discuss growth in the crypto market.

UpSocial founders intend to spend some more time in Dubai to understand the business, market, and several essential strategies from like-minded people industry people.

Founder Hanif Shaikh Got Featured on NewsX Channel

On 24th November, Hanif Shaikh gave some insights on India’s upcoming crypto bill.

NewsX is another Indian news channel that gains eyeballs from millions of Indians. The publication considered taking interviews of crypto experts, and UpSocial founder was one of them.

If you missed it, you can watch the episode here:

That was all about November updates from the UpSocial team.

Curious to know about the next steps? Here is our roadmap to explore our further plans.

More updates are coming up!

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