Due to the festive season, December 2021 was comparatively slower than November, but we didn’t slow down.

Our team had the same motivation and energy to carry out things and accomplish the mission of UpSocial Network.

Monthly Update from UpSocial Network

We are excited and happy to enter 2022. We prepared our monthly round-up with great news so that you remain updated with the team as well as UpSocial Network updates.

Founder Hanif Shaikh Featured on NewsX Channel as a crypto expert

The first week of December started with a grand note. Founder Hanif Shaikh was invited on the NewsX channel for the 2nd time on 1st December 2021.

Hanif shared his views regarding the consequences of passing the crypto bill in India in terms of the Indian market. While everyone is still unclear about the bill, you will find the interview and his opinions here:

Founders Attended The Event Hosted by Latokens Exchange

While the founders continued their work in Dubai, they attended more crypto-related events. One of the significant events was hosted by Latokens Exchange on 5th December.

As usual, it turned out to be a highly fruitful event because of the connections and expansion of the network. Here are the glimpses with crypto influencers Sergey Kosenko, Aziz Falakzada, and many others.

On 12th December, both the founders met Tilen Skrubej from Solidum Capital.

To sum up, all these meetings with crypto influencers as well as industry experts give a fresh outlook towards our ideas and mission. Similar-minded people with more experience are pure guides and mentors.

CTO Met No Other Than The Real Wolf of Wallstreet

Ashish Verma, CTO of UpSocial Network, met Jordan Belfort. Jordan Ross Belfort is a famous American entrepreneur, speaker, author, and former stockbroker.

Ashish Verma with Jordan Ross Belfort in December 2021

Ideas from him further broadened the vision of Ashish. It was indeed a moment to cherish for life.

After all, you don’t meet your inspirations and celebrities every day.

2021 was an excellent year for us, and it was only possible because of your support. We assure you that we will keep working as per the roadmap in 2022.

Happy New Year to everyone.

More updates are coming up in 2022!

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