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Personalized token gives you complete ownership of your work and avoids middlemen taking a cut from your revenue. Blockchain Technology will detect and eliminate any fraudulent activities trying to happen. As your engagement grows, coin value grows, benefitting you and your community.

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Create Your Token

Take the first step of the exciting journey and create your own social token.

Unify the audience

 Create a benchmark community, combining audience from across social media that is unique for you.

Token Benefits

The level of engagement Social tokens create with fans is simply not possible

Drop NFTs

NFTs are the newest craze  in the world of cryptocurrency, and there’s no reason to missout on all the fun!

How it Works

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UpSocial is a platform for all types of content creators to engage with their fans through personalized social tokens. Creators can list the social tokens and receive funds in exchange for them on DEX (UpSocial Decentralised exchange). Our goal is to decentralize social media to minimize the discrepancy in creator’s revenue while building a special bond between a creator and their followers.

Create Your Token

Create your own social token as the first step on this fascinating journey. To begin, create your profile and give your token a distinctive name that will appeal to your target demographic.

With only a few clicks, your social token is up and running. Congrats! Your social token is now available for distribution to your followers.

Unify the Audience

UpSocial provides you with the opportunity to Unify your audience from across the social media networks to create a benchmark community that is unique for you.

This audience would become part of community by buying social tokens, so you would be able to monetize the community from the initial phase itself. This benchmark community would act as your brand ambassadors in the social world, thereby amplifying your reach on the Internet.

Token Benefits

Traditional marketing and promotion tactics simply cannot match the amount of engagement that social tokens generate among fans. Exclusive content, events, and experiences are available to fans.

They can also get early access to items and services, as well as savings. There are no intermediaries, no fraud, and no chargebacks with tokenized transactions because they are validated and authenticated on the blockchain. Finally, tokens can be used to reward and recognize community members, which is critical for long-term success.

Drop NFTs

NFTs are the newest craze in the cryptocurrency world, and there’s no excuse to miss out on the excitement!
With a little imagination and forethought, you can start your own NFT and reap all of the rewards that come with it. For your NFTs, make a contract. Finally, launch your NFT, relax, and reap the benefits!

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